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So much depends on a man and a woman becoming one. Ironically, the very gift that God designed to connect and nourish married couples is often the cause of frustration and misunderstanding. How can we improve our intimate connection and make the most of our married sexual relationship? Meditations for Marital Intimacy is a compilation of scriptural and prophetic inspiration accompanied by discussion questions for married members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who wish to better understand the blessings of marriage, deepen their intimacy, and enrich their sexual relationship.

A resource like this to help couples have better and more open discussions about their intimate relationship is enthusiastically welcomed and so needed. Especially in bringing the power of gospel principles into the intimate sexual relationship, these meditations will help husbands and wives better understand divine sexuality and advance concepts and questions they didn’t even know to talk about in the first place.

Laura Brotherson, LMFT, CST, Author of And They Were Not Ashamed and Knowing Her Intimately


These meditations, if practiced with a sincere desire to deepen understanding, will truly transform not only how you think about the essential facts of your life but, more importantly, how you will see and cherish your partner. They will deepen your connection, help you stand the test of time, and prepare your coupling for eternity. This isn’t just a book you must read—this is a book you must talk about and make a habit.

Dr. Matt Townsend, Author of Starved Stuff: Feeding the 7 Basic Needs of Healthy Relationships 

Read every page! Meditations for Marital Intimacy is a treasure trove of knowledge, and the questions are illuminating.

Jonathan Decker, Your Family Expert


Meditations for Marital Intimacy is a wonderful way for husbands and wives to “check in” with each other and create meaningful, passionate intimacy.

Michael Goodman, Associate Professor of Church History and Doctrine, Brigham Young University