How can you improve your intimate connection and make the most of your married sexual relationship?

Join us for A Beautiful Connection Daily Date Night, Workshop, or Retreat!

ABCD events provide a transformative experience filled with connection and communication building exercises, couples yoga, relationship tantra, and intimacy education designed to enliven your sexual connection and supercharge your marriage! Celebrate and elevate your marital intimacy at A Beautiful Connection Daily date nights, 8-week workshop, or at a weekend retreat (Thur-Sun).

— Better understand the purpose of your sexuality and union

— Grow in the art of giving and receiving

— Learn to express and experience sensual love for one another

— Sync with your spouse using movement and yoga

— Create healthy patterns and rituals for lasting intimacy

— Deepen your conversations as you ponder and discuss Meditations for Marital Intimacy

Enrich your relationship as you gather with other couples to discuss the doctrines and principles that form the foundation for healthy and happy marriages. Strengthen your bond with your spouse as you attend  workshops that include invitations to apply what you are learning through intentional practice and play in the comfort of your own bedroom.


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Enrich your marriage with FREE ABCD Yoga Date Nights held Friday 3/25, 4/15, 4/29, 5/6, 5/13.

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Reviews for A Beautiful Connection Daily Workshop

Great content and format! Eight weeks ended too soon. I loved the intentional focus on my wife and our relationship during this time. Totally worthwhile and helpful at any age or relationship stage.    —Paul D.

A Beautiful Connection Daily workshop is a healthy environment with no judgment. We learned several new ways to connect and the importance of sexual connection. Jennilyn and Dave are wonderful and encouraging. The workshop and “homeplays” facilitated important conversations that helped my husband and me to get out of the boxes we were each thinking in and create our vision of marital intimacy together. We got to express what we grew up learning about sex and how that affects how we feel about it and where we can help each other going forward. This workshop isn’t just for people who have been married for many years. It is a great way to have these important conversations and get on the same page in the first years of marriage.     —Jessica H.

A Beautiful Connection Daily workshop is fabulous!  I learned so much.    —Lori D.

This workshop provided me the opportunity to learn the different kinds of intimacy and my spouse’s interpretation of them and it opened the dialogue of various vital topics. The “homeplay” assignments were fun and helped refocus my attention and purposeful intention to love and cherish my spouse daily instead of being distracted by the world around us. It helped us reach a deeper level of intimacy.     Daphne J.

This workshop gave us new ideas and approaches to intimacy. I felt nervous at first but feel so blessed and glad we participated. The whole experience was an inspired answer to prayer for our relationship. The workshop helps start honest conversations with your spouse about intimacy. The ideas we were given helped us come closer together as a couple.     —Camille S.

A Beautiful Connection Daily workshop is AWESOME! The 8 week workshop helped me to deepen my connection to my wife. It is a powerful, compact injection of intimacy for couples. Jennilyn and Dave are respectful, insightful, smart, and fun.    —Brian J.

A Beautiful Connection Daily workshop helped my wife and me to think about intimacy differently. The whole concept of organized, scheduled intimacy has transformed our marriage relationship for the better. It is now a focus in our daily lives. This workshop was a safe environment where we could talk and share about marital intimacy in higher, holier ways. Our entire relationship has been strengthened and revitalized.    —Keith S.

I just finished taking Jennilyn and Dave’s 8 week marriage course. To say this has been the most impactful marriage program I’ve ever participated in is an understatement. Husband and wife both have so much to gain. Lots of new tools in our marriage activity toolbox. So much info and assignments to keep us going for quite a while. It’s a program like no other out there. I can’t recommend it enough.    —Jenny D.

I very much appreciated this workshop! It pushed me out of my comfort zone but gave me so many tools and different ways to connect with my wife. It provided wonderful opportunities to look at my spouse in a new light and understand better where she is coming from sexually.    —Anonymous

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why would we want to attend A Beautiful Connection Daily workshop?

A: Families are an essential unit of society. Good families start with good marriages. And good marriages are sustained with healthy intimacy. When was the last time you were intentional about your marriage? Your intimacy? A successful marriage doesn’t happen by accident. It succeeds by design. What projects or activities do you do regularly with your spouse besides the dishes? Sex can be one of the most unifying and fulfilling things married partners do. Learn to make the most of your marital intimacy at A Beautiful Connection Daily. After all, love is worth fighting for.

Q: Where is the workshop held?

A: ABCD Workshop is held at a yoga studio in Draper, UT for one night a week for eight weeks. Details will be provided after registration. ABCD Retreats are held in a variety of locations around the world.

Q: When are the workshop dates?

A: Summer and Fall 2022.

Q: What is included in the workshop/retreat?

A: ABCD Workshop includes eight evening sessions and ABCD  Retreats includes five sessions and three follow-up Zoom sessions of what we hope will be some of the best connection time you’ve ever had with your spouse. This isn’t a workshop where we talk and you listen. This is an interactive event with movement, connection building exercises, relationship tantra, and the marital intimacy education you always wanted but never got. Each session comes with “homeplay” invitations for you to practice what you’re learning at home or in your hotel room. You’ll also get a free copy of Meditations for Marital Intimacy!


Q: How is the best way to pay the registration fee?

A: You can pay via Venmo or Credit Card.

Q: How do I register?

A: Click here to register for our Spring 2022 Yoga Date Nights or to preregister for future workshops and retreats. 

Q: How do we know this is for us?

A: If you’re looking for ways to enrich your marriage bond, this is for you. Married partners of all ages can improve their relationship with intimate exercises that draw you closer together.

Q: I’m not into yoga. Do I have to do it?

A: You don’t have to be athletic or extremely flexible to participate in any of the yoga shared in the workshop. All the yoga poses are easy and fun. Everyone is encouraged to go at their own pace. You’ve got nothing to worry about. If Dave can do this, anyone can! (Seriously!)

Q: What about COVID19?

A: We practice mindful distancing as much as possible. The only person you’ll be really close to is your spouse. ABCD workshop will follow the COVID19 policy of the yoga studio and resorts where the workshop and retreats are held. Attendees will be invited to sign a waiver as part of their participation.

Q: Can I come without my spouse or if I’m single?

A: The workshop and retreat are designed for married partners to enjoy together. If you’re single, we hope you’ll attend one of our future events after you’ve found that special someone. If your spouse is hesitant to come, please reach out to us in this contact form as we’d love to speak with you and your spouse about any questions or concerns.

Q: Is there nudity involved or public sexual activity?

A: No.

Q: I have other questions not answered here. How can I get answers?

A: Any other question can be answered by Jennilyn. You can contact her HERE.

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